2024 – A Challenging Year in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is a hot topic right now, with interesting and challenging stories in the news every day. 2024 is proving to be another difficult year for the airlines, the airplane manufacturers and the airports. Alongside the post-pandemic staffing issues, increasing demand and shortage of aircraft, the environmental impact of the industry exercising minds both great and small. At ATG Group we work with airports to ease the pressure in the environmental aspect of the industry.



Airports are also facing the problem of PFAS. PFAS contamination is a challenge all around the globe, but the good news is that we know some airports are taking steps to deal with it to protect the environment.


What are PFAS?

PFAS is the group name for an extensive group of Per and Poly Fluorinated Alkyl Substances that can cause health problems.

PFAS has been widely used in the last decades and can be found in drinking water, commercial household products, food packages, living organisms, and working environments. They are also found in firefighting foams and other aviation-related products.


ATG Group’s Expertise and Solutions

We have been developing expertise in PFAS contamination since 2019. We have formed strong partnerships with leading technology suppliers, consultants and regulators worldwide to bring the best remediation solutions for clients dealing with PFAS problems.


Innovative Solutions

Our commitment to address this issue comprehensively is demonstrated by our involvement in numerous PFAS remediation projects. In addition, we have spent approximately £500,000 on R&D which reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of innovative solutions.


Sustainable Solutions

We are helping the aviation industry to become more environmentally friendly.

Our mission is to restore environmental balance while ensuring the safety of the communities around aviation hubs.


Tailored Solutions

At ATG Group, we understand both the complexity and the sensitive nature of this problem. We offer tailored solutions for each challenge that our clients face.

We discuss together your objectives and how to apply the relevant regulations to come up with a plan to address your needs.


If you are an airport operator with firefighting facilities, see more details about our PFAS Contamination Remediation solutions applicable to you and do not hesitate to contact us for more details!




PFAS contamination is a challenge, but we can overcome it with effective measures.


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