R&D Investment and Innovation
Research and Development

is at the heart of what we do. We always seek innovative ways to enhance current technologies and processes to make our work more efficient and cost-effective for you. In fact, each and every project is a custom-made innovation project involving our R&D process. 

In the last 5 years we have invested over £1.6m/€1.85m in developing cutting-edge remediation techniques. Our commitment to Research and Development drives significant advancements in environmental and waste solution industries and brings benefits to our clients. This commitment has been recognised with a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development. 

Explore the innovative processes we have developed through our R&D program, including our method to lock contamination into soils and a fast and effective alternative to traditional Japanese Knotweed treatment 

Experience our innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions, customised to elevate your projects to new heights. 

Our R&D Innovations
LockedIn® – Soil Stabilisation

Our revolutionary LockedIn® technology is a cutting-edge soil stabilisation technique that has been developed and refined since 2015. LockedIn® is a superior alternative to traditional methods like Dig and Dump and it stands out for saving millions of £s/€s and tonnes of CO2 while helping customers to follow ESG Standards.  

Eraginate® – Japanese Knotweed Treatment

Our innovative Eraginate® Japanese Knotweed treatment is a game-changing eradication process that has been developed and refined since 2014. Eraginate® is a superior alternative to traditional methods like Dig and Dump and Stem Injection. Moreover, it stands out not only for speed and swift eradication but also for cost-efficiency.   

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