Emphasising our commitment to the environment, we provide courses to promote awareness and sustainable practices. 

Accredited by the CPD Standards Office™ our training sessions have undergone rigorous checks to ensure accuracy and content quality, meeting the qualifying hour requirements set by the RIBA for architects and the RICS for the construction industry. 

Your business can take advantage of our courses covering Japanese Knotweed, Land Remediation and Emerging Contaminants, with the flexibility of choosing a location that suits you best or having the course delivered virtually over Microsoft Teams. Each course takes 1 hour and participants will receive a certificate upon completion. 

Contact us to book or for more information. We are happy to help you! 

Spreading awareness and inspiring others are at the core of our mission. These are the reasons we created ATG Academy – a training hub dedicated to equipping businesses with the necessary skills to tackle environmental challenges. 

Identifying Invasive Plant Species - Japanese Knotweed

Join our 1-hour seminar to gain valuable knowledge about identifying and managing Japanese Knotweed. We will empower you to take action against its spread and how to apply techniques for eradication!
  • Identification
  • Legislation
  • Control
  • Treatment and Disposal

Remediation of Contaminated Land

Join our 1-hour seminar to increase your knowledge in remediating contaminated land. We empower you to take action against land contamination and create clean sites! 
  • Identification
  • Legislation and Management
  • Concept Model and Pricing
  • Treatment and Disposal
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