ATG Group’s planet friendly solutions are aiming to be the European standard in land restoration


CO2 Kg Emissions Saved

CO₂e Kg Emissions Saved

Tonnes of Material Diverted

Tonnes of Material Diverted

Euro Invested in R&D

GBP Invested in R&D

Euro Donated for Charity

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Our Services
Delivering innovative custom solutions every time

We offer you specialised services using cutting-edge and cost-effective methods to deal with environmental issues and waste management. As your partners, we are committed to delivering a project experience tailored exclusively to you.  

Our Sectors
Helping our partners to achieve their ESG commitments

We are dedicated to helping your industry achieve sustainability standards, whatever the scale of your project. Our commitment to meeting regulatory requirements and embracing ESG principles ensures that your project is a success. Let’s build a green future together!  

We created a hub dedicated to equipping businesses with the necessary skills to tackle environmental challenges

ATG Group – Turning Ashes to Gold

To be a leader in environmental technologies and innovation, connecting creativity and expertise to craft a better, more sustainable world.


Our planet-friendly solutions are the European standard in land restoration.


✓ Innovation
✓ Vision
✓ Authenticity
✓ Yes, can do
✓ Compassion

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