£2,500,000 Saved for the Northern Spire Bridge Project

With a budget of over £117 million, Northern Spire Bridge is one of the biggest civil engineering projects in UK in recent history. During the construction, Farrans Construction faced unexpected contamination that needed to be addressed promptly.

Farrans recognised ATG Group’s expertise in environmental solutions and contacted us to decontaminate the site.

Together, we developed a tailored solution to mitigate contamination. When designing the plan, we needed to optimise the project’s timeline and the environment.


The Project’s Challenge

To build the deep foundations of the bridge, the riverbed required dredging. It was planned to send the materials to a landfill, but the excavated material was too contaminated. As a result, the Environmental Agency considered this plan unacceptable. Farrans contacted ATG Group to develop a new solution that the Environment Agency would approve, allowing the project to start again.


ATG Group’s Solution

We came up with a tailored plan that met the Environment Agency’s requirements. Our approach allowed the managing of the dredged material while ensuring cost-effectiveness for Farrans.

When applying our method, the team:

  1. Stockpiled the dredged materials to lower the water content and enable safe handling
  2. Transported the material to a hazardous waste treatment facility for thorough processing
  3. Re-used the treated materials on-site, providing a sustainable solution.


ATG Group plan:

  • Saved £2,500,000/€2,925,000 for the client
  • Met the requirements of the Environment Agency
  • Allowed the construction work to continue
  • Safeguarded the environment.



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