Remediation of Contaminated Land

Join our 1-hour seminar to increase your knowledge in remediating contaminated land. We empower you to take action against land contamination and create clean sites! 

The seminar includes: 

  • Introduction: Understand the world of contaminated land. 
  • Legislation: Raise awareness of the regulatory legislation regarding contaminated land. 
  • Explanations: Mastering how to use a Conceptual Site Model. 
  • Management Approach: Highlight the importance of effectively managing contamination projects. 
  • Treatment and Disposal: Explore different methods for land remediation.
  • Pricing: Unravelling the Key Elements in Estimating Remediation Project Expenses.

Choose your convenient location and we will even cover lunch for free!  

Do not miss this opportunity to enhance your expertise and make a positive impact on the environment by remediating land.  

Cost: Absolutely FREE
We love to solve challenges related to land issues!
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