All I want for Christmas is the ATG Group’s Christmas Party
Christmas Tree

Wrapping Things Up in Style

We like to wrap things up in style for the holiday season. Last Friday we celebrated our Christmas party at the Dunadry Hotel and Gardens. This event was not only for gathering and having fun but also to express gratitude to our amazing team! We wanted to ensure our colleagues know they are making ATG Group what it is, and we are very proud of them!




Meeting Outside Work

Taking the team off sites and out of the offices gave us the opportunity to meet outside work and have fun. There was a relaxing and happy atmosphere, which was perfect for getting to know each other better and sharing stories that bond the team, especially since we hosted our colleagues and partners from Scotland, England, Romania, and Latvia.


The Party

The party was a blast, and all of us embraced the joyful spirit with a glass of punch! We can say: We know how to work but we also know how to party! At ATG Group we always seek to balance hard work with fun and a positive work environment.


Entrance River Garden









The Dinner and the Hotel

The hotel was fantastic! We had a great dinner and enjoyed the variety of drinks available at the bar. There was a comfortable atmosphere and a lot of facilities. We could have a drink in the lobby, have a walk in the gardens or enjoy some time at the spa.


Main Course Cake












They also had a gym and maybe you expected us to be there, but we let the pictures speak for themselves.















Cheers to Us!

As we raised our glasses in a toast, we took the moment to show our gratitude for the significant growth we have experienced this year and for so many challenges that have been overcome.

Here’s to another year of success! Let’s keep the joy of the holiday season in our hearts and let it carry us through the challenges and aspirations of 2024. Cheers to us!


Christmas Tree

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