Ashes to Gold – 10 Years of Empowering People to Make a Difference in Their Lives

This month we celebrated a decade since our charity made a positive impact! Ashes to Gold was founded with the aim of providing activities for people who want to increase their confidence, motivation and self-belief while learning new skills.


10 Years of Activity

From a humble beginning in a 2nd hand furniture outlet and upcycling facility to where Ashes to Gold is now stands testimony of amazing, yet unexpected growth! To see this journey of expansion unfold and the many beneficiaries’ lives impacted has been totally heart-warming and inspirational. Moreover, this brings a massive increase in value to the daily and often unseen activities of the charity staff, volunteers and the ATG Group team who are also sowing daily into this growth.


Peter Finch – Charity Director

When I reflect on the support that the ATG Group have provided for Ashes to Gold my mind goes into overdrive! It is actually overwhelming to properly consider how fruitful this collaboration is in the lives of our precious guests and the wider connected community. ATG Group’s investment of administrative energy, financial support and staff community and wisdom has been essential in ensuring that lives are reached and impacted and all in a more sustainable fashion. ATG Group’s activities in the field of “Land Restoration” ensure that the same is going on in human lives through the charity as we encourage and empower others in “Restoring a Life’s Purpose” through our counselling, horticultural therapy, and workshop activities!


Future Plans

Through collaboration with the local church and their purchase of a neighbouring building, our charity hopes to see the establishment of a community café at the Ashes to Gold Oasis project as the church and the charity get together to further reach out to the people of Coleraine through this shared space. It is hoped that the expansion of space and resources will enable the enhancement of all the services currently offered through the project and will provide added dignity for individuals who may find themselves in need of emergency help with food or other essentials.

Ashes to Gold plans to continue the development of the Moorbrook project with the appointment of a general manager who will be responsible for the day-to-day running and development of all facets of the project. The charity hopes to see continued enhancement of the fishing experience, more fun-filled nature-based events, the introduction of new accommodation and wider use of the facility as a place to find sanctuary and improved well-being in this fast-paced world.

Through the combination of horticultural therapy and cooking/healthy eating sessions delivered through Ashes to Gold’s Grow project, many lives were impacted as people discovered that growing your own food and preparing a healthy and nutritious meal isn’t as hard or expensive as it may seem. To build on the success of the current provision, Ashes to Gold is looking to gain appropriate funding to enable the development of a fully operational training and production facility with a view to providing opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and greater sustainability for the running of the project.

Furthermore, a permanent office provision at the Grow project for the charity manager and funding coordinator would be great if adequate funding could be sourced!


The Party

Ashes to Gold Anniversary Ashes to Gold hosted the anniversary party on 24th November and everybody celebrated it in our fun style with good food and great company.

There were many familiar faces in attendance including a team from the Department for Communities, our local health trust, PBNI and various veterans support organisations. Mayor for Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, Steven Callaghan, took time from his busy schedule to visit and was very impressed to hear about the great work we do at Ashes to Gold.

The theme of the day was Thanksgiving, and this event was aimed at highlighting the great work of our team. The volunteers at our various projects not only give up their time each week but they deliver a service at the highest standard. They are truly priceless, so this event was to recognise and celebrate the magic that happens when the community come together.


Special Thanks

Special thanks to everyone who supported us. It would have been impossible to help so many people without your help! Your commitment, generosity, and time brought smiles to so many faces and pure joy to many souls. From a small gesture to significant contributions, your support has made a huge impact.

Let’s continue to spread kindness, joy, and support together! ?


Ashes to Gold and ATG Group Ashes to Gold Anniversary



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