ATG Group boosts its presence in Europe with a new headquarters in Romania

Award-winning environmental and construction services company, ATG Group, is stepping up its expansion into Europe with a new headquarters and leadership team in Romania.

Headed up by S-P O’Mahony, formerly an Irish diplomat in Hungary and Romania, a Microfinance Practitioner and Director of Heraldist, a Marketing Agency based in Cluj, Romania, ATG Central Europe will bring innovative, high-quality solutions to environmental challenges in this part of Europe.

S-P said,

“ATG Group is already well established in Ireland, the UK, and the Baltics, with ambitions to become more of a dominant global player. We have a way to go but we are very much on the right track. Our experience in the Baltics puts us in a good position to address the tremendous opportunities in Central Europe.”

The company delivers solutions to complex land challenges such as oil spills and contaminated land remediation.

ATG’s LockedIn® technique has been used across the UK & Ireland since 2015, to treat polluted soil in situ by locking in contaminants, a process that significantly reduces costs for developers, and lowers the environmental impact by removing the need for landfill.

LockedIn® will be a game changer for the construction industry in Romania, Hungary and further afield. By transforming waste into a resource that can be used on-site, our clients in the UK and the Baltics have seen savings entering the millions of £s/€s.”

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