ATG Group offers free CPD courses

We love sharing our extensive knowledge and experience while inspiring others, which is why our CPD courses are so popular.

Three of our courses are free and help professionals in the construction and building industry, such as members of RICS and RIBA, develop their skills.

Our courses are CPD accredited, which means you receive documentary evidence of your development. This can help improve your career prospects and proves your skills to your current or potential employers.

Our courses help you develop a wide range of understanding, including identifying Japanese Knotweed, remediation of contaminated land and identifying asbestos in soils. We also offer an environmental awareness course that focuses on spill response.

Why CPD training is important

Professional people should engage in and develop their abilities throughout their career. No matter our age, we never stop learning!

Continuing Professional Development is a process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience you gain as you work. It is more than simply training as its aim is the development of professionals.

CPD works with more than 1,000 institutes and professional bodies across the UK. Engaging in CPD ensures both academic and professional qualifications do not become out-dated. It is also driven by you rather than an employer and helps you cover gaps in your skills, which demonstrates your professional standing to clients and employers.

CPD courses we offer

We offer 3 CPD accredited courses free and a fourth on environmental awareness training that focuses on spill response. Our free courses are 1-hour seminars that are packed with information. They can be held at any venue, which will need to adhere to social distancing rules at the moment.

  • Identifying invasive plant species – Japanese Knotweed (JKW)
    This 1-hour seminar will introduce you to JKW so you can identify it. You also learn about legislation surrounding the plant and understand how to control it as well as treat and dispose of it.
  • Remediation of contaminated land
    As more brownfield sites are being developed – especially in the UK where Boris Johnson has relaxed planning rules for housing – more pollutants are being found.
    This course helps delegates gain a range of skills, including the meaning of contaminated land, understanding regulations concerning contaminated land and what remediation options are available.
  • Identifying asbestos in soils
    Asbestos was banned in the UK 20 years ago, but is still be found in many structures. It is often found on brownfield sites where buildings have been demolished. The seminar helps delegates identify asbestos, the legislation surrounding it and understand the need to control it.

Environmental awareness training

An oil or chemical spill can have devastating environmental effects on land and rivers. Our 3-hour course helps delegates know what to do if a spill occurs, how to understand the environmental impacts and know the different types of remediation available.

Delegates complete a mock emergency incident successfully. The course costs £750 and is available for up to 15 delegates.

ATG Group Managing Director, Dr Mark McKinney, said: “Construction and building professionals have an increasingly responsible role in ensuring the safety of the environment. They need to understand more about environmental impacts than ever.

“By completing our CPD Courses they will not only learn valuable information but it will also help develop their skills. We are always keen to pass on our knowledge and expertise. We’ll even buy lunch!”

If you would like more information about our CPD courses and the ATG Academy, email or call 028 7034 3787. Or you can use our form to contact us.

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