Groundwater Clean-Up

Pollution that has leached down into groundwater can be troublesome. It can spread rapidly to surrounding areas, pollute water supplies and make its way into waterways. Contaminants can be identified, risk-assessed and remediated if required. 

We employ a range of innovative technologies tailored to specific situations, allowing us to effectively treat various groundwater contamination cases.

These cutting-edge techniques include: 

Pump & Treat: We utilise specialised pumps to extract polluted groundwater from wells or trenches to be pumped through a specially designed treatment plant that removes the contaminants. The clean water is then reintroduced to ensure a safe environment. 

Free Product recovery: Free product can be found in the soils and water table of many extensively contaminated sites. The elimination of this free product is crucial to the restoration of any site as its presence provides a long-lasting source of contamination. Frequently, a specialised pump and treat system is used to separate groundwater from free product. When there are substantial quantities, free product can be directly retrieved from the ground without the need to pump groundwater. The recovered free product is typically recycled at a licensed disposal facility. 

Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB): These are reactive barrier systems that are both passive and permeable. The purpose of permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) is to limit and lessen the impact of waterborne contaminants on off-site receptors by capturing and immobilising them at the edge of the targeted areas. To address continuous pollution problems, PRB systems use tailor-made reactive additives created to meet specific requirements. These additives are usually installed using specialised mixing equipment to mix them with the soil. Contaminated groundwater passes through the mix which captures the contamination and allows the groundwater to pass through. 

Air Stripping: We use air to strip volatile contaminants from water to purify the groundwater and eliminate harmful substances, ensuring a healthier ecosystem. 

Air Sparging: When employing this innovative technique, we inject air into the groundwater to enhance the natural degradation of contaminants. This promotes the breakdown of pollutants, facilitating their removal and contributing to a cleaner environment. 

Aerobic and Anaerobic Degradation: Through leveraging biological processes, we employ specific microorganisms to break down contaminants either in the presence or absence of oxygen, effectively eliminating harmful substances. 

Enhanced Natural Attenuation: By using this method, we stimulate the natural processes already occurring in the groundwater to degrade contaminants. Over time, this reduces their concentration and environmental impact, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to remediation.

Each of these techniques uses the latest equipment to provide the fastest and most efficient solutions, aiming to minimize the damage caused by groundwater pollution and safeguard the environment.  

Together, let’s combat groundwater pollution and create a cleaner and healthier future for all. 

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