Waterway Pollution Removal

Waterway pollution is a rapid and devastating threat to aquatic plants, marine life and animals, leading to severe ecological damage. We implement a remedial scheme to contain and remove the oil or chemicals from waterways to prevent further damage.  

Our approach begins with stopping the spread using specialised socks/booms to collect any substances that may still be dispersing in the water. Once the spread is contained, we proceed with the collection and removal of the pollutants from the waterway. 

To ensure successful remediation, we employ a range of innovative products and technologies. These include the use of absorbents, cushions, oil-water separators, skimmers and more.  

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we maintain a 24-hour emergency response in the UK and Ireland team. You can rely on our prompt assistance whenever the need arises.  

Together, let’s combat waterway pollution and preserve the beauty and vitality of our precious natural resources. 

Person in Charge
Bernard Mullan
Northern Ireland
and Ireland
Duncan Sanders
S-P O'Mahony
Central and
Eastern Europe
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