Coronavirus Statement Update – 01/04/2020


To our customers and suppliers,

The coronavirus is spreading throughout the world rapidly, and the severity of this virus becomes clearer as each day passes. We have been implementing safe working practises throughout our companies over the last few weeks, in line with government guidance, in order to keep our employees, our customers and our suppliers safe. But it is now time to do more.

With the announcement of stricter controls by the prime minister on Monday 23/03/2020, we took the decision to shut down all non-essential works. This was completed on Friday 27/03/2020.

As of today (01/04/2020) the majority of our employees are now on furlough leave. We took this decision due to our sites being closed, the difficulty in sourcing supplies and being unable to undertake any new work due to the current restrictions. As such, our company is essentially temporarily closed, with only a small number of staff still working for essential functions. We expect this to remain the case until the government and health service have been able to contain the virus to such levels that would allow the removal of restrictions, ensuring our employees, customers and suppliers safety.

Currently, we are still providing our emergency spill response services in certain areas, these are:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Border counties in the Republic of Ireland

We will not be offering this service in Scotland, England or Wales until further notice.

This service will be subject to regular review, and if the current pandemic worsens then we can give no guarantee that we will still be able to respond, as the safety of our employees is paramount.

If you require any further information, please contact us at


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