The people in our business: Duncan Sanders

Duncan Sanders started with ATG Group late in 2019 with a mission to grow the business in England. Despite the disruption from Covid and lockdowns after just six months, it didn’t stop him achieving great success in his first  year.

Let’s meet Duncan

What is your job with ATG Group?

I am the Project Director for ATG Group England.

What does your job entail?

I run ATG Group in England. My role involves finding new opportunities, developing client relationships and, when we win contracts, I often take on the role of Project Director with project management supported from elsewhere in the group. It includes bringing in members of the team to help on the operational delivery of the contract.

What did you do before joining ATG Group?

Before coming to ATG I ran two businesses. One was an environmental consultancy, called Sanders Environmental, and the other a brownfield land development company, Transform Land. Before setting the businesses up, I was Business Development Director in a large company of cost and project managers in London. Prior to that, I worked for a range of environmental consultants and remediation contractors both in this country and internationally. I have worked for big international consultancies as well as smaller remediation contractors. I’m a hydrogeologist by training and gained my Masters in 1990, and have 30 years of experience.

What do you love about your job?

Most of all, I love relationship building and delivering solutions to people who have a problem. The variety of work is something I enjoy, too, as well as working as part of a bigger team. Everyone at ATG Group has so much ambition and I have some great colleagues who are very capable and motivated. It’s nice to be part of something small enough to make a big difference, but big enough to do something significant.

What are your plans for the future within ATG Group?

It was the England office’s first year last year and we set a turnover target that we managed to exceed. The plan this year is to build on that and hopefully double our turnover this year. We are in a growth phase, which is exciting.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have two children, one 20 and the other 18. Both are in or around university at the moment; so as a father and a husband that means I don’t have a lot of spare time! When I do get spare time, I go fly-fishing and I am looking forward to the season starting in a couple of months. I also enjoy walking and music; I play the guitar and love listening to music. As part of a church, I have been involved in prison ministry, which has stopped, of course, with the current Covid situation. Finally, I still play hockey and play for a team of more mature gents!

What’s your favourite meal?

There’s a good question! It’s probably a seafood platter served with a cold chablis!

If you would like to speak to Duncan about how to deal with water contamination or groundwater remediation, contact him today via our website.

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