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When Alex Riba-Segues decided against her plan to become a primary school teacher, she thought she’d never go to university.

But since joining ATG Group just over two years ago, she’s now surprised herself as she studies for a degree in Quantity Surveying.

Alex, 21, joined our team in Scotland in 2020 after being made redundant from her job in IT due to the impact of Covid lockdowns.

She then applied for a job here at ATG’s Scotland division as an environmental administrator. Her role included keeping schedules, tracing orders, carrying out site sampling and submitting small site surveys.

After several months, our Projects Director for Scotland, Cameron, suggested she take on more responsibilities, including monitoring expenses and assisting with site reports and updates for the client.

“I really enjoyed the extra responsibilities and was then asked if I would like to be put forward for a graduate apprenticeship,” says Alex, who is currently based at one of sites in Dalkeith but has responsibility for other sites across Scotland.

“I was then asked if I would consider promotion to a trainee QS and also if I would like to be put forward as a graduate apprentice. I was delighted and loving my work. After changing my mind about becoming a teacher, I thought I’d never go to university! But here I am, studying for four years for a degree.”

Alex, who loves horse riding and owns four horses, spends most of her time on-site where she is gaining practical experience. She also splits her time completing studies at university.

“It’s such a great way to learn,” she explains, “and gaining experience as I work means I’ll be prepared to hit the ground running once I am qualified.

“Being part of ATG Group has been brilliant. All the guys are great and I’m proud of the fact I’m a young woman in construction. I hope there will be more of us in the future.”

ATG Group Managing Director Mark McKinney says he’s delighted with Alex’s progress. “Alex is proving to be a key member of our team. I’m thrilled that ATG Group has helped her achieve her goal of one day going to university, too.”

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