Giant Hogweed Eradication

Under favourable conditions, Giant Hogweed can grow to a height of 18ft. If the sap touches human skin, it breaks down our UV protection and can cause long-lasting scars. We can remove this plant along with the likelihood of it returning with our expertise and cutting-edge solutions.

Originally introduced to cultivation, Giant Hogweed, a close relative of Cow Parsley, made its escape and was first recorded in Cambridgeshire in 1828. This plant can overpower numerous native plant species in the wild. Recognised as a non-native invasive species, it is strictly prohibited to cause its growth in natural habitats.

The sap of this plant contains chemicals that can break down the protective UV barrier in our skin, rendering it highly sensitive to sunlight. Exposure to this sap can lead to blistering, pigmentation issues and lasting scars. Such risks to public health have prompted local authorities to take action to remove Giant Hogweed from public spaces.

We possess a range of methods for controlling Giant Hogweed, tailored to suit the specific environment in which it is growing. If you think you have Giant Hogweed on your site, we offer a survey in the UK and Ireland to assess the situation. Our experts will then present you with the available treatment and removal options and the cost of the survey will be reimbursed in the event that you appoint us.

Contact us today to schedule a survey! Together, we can create a safer environment by eradicating Hogweed.

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