Himalayan Balsam Eradication

Himalayan Balsam rapidly spreads, overpowering other species in its vicinity. Its seed distribution method, involving explosive seed pods, allows the seeds to spread over long distances many meters from the plant. We can offer you innovative treatment options for addressing Himalayan Balsam infestations on your site.

A relative of the Busy Lizzie, it is commonly found on riverbanks and wasteland areas. Its vigorous growth can quickly smother surrounding vegetation, necessitating effective control measures.

Winter proves to be the optimal time to implement control measures, as the seed pods only develop with the flowers in the summer. By intervening during this period, we can more effectively curtail the propagation of new seeds.

We possess a range of methods for controlling Himalayan Balsam, tailored to suit the specific environment in which it is growing.

To assist you further, we are pleased to offer a site survey for invasive species in the UK and Ireland, the cost of which will be reimbursed in the event that you appoint us. Our team of experts will identify the best solution for combating Himalayan Balsam, considering the unique characteristics of your site.

Contact us today to schedule a survey! Together, let’s implement effective control measures to combat Himalayan Balsam and preserve the beauty of your environment.

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