Japanese Knotweed Growth Season Begins

Season of growth

During the spring months, Japanese knotweed begins to grow rapidly. This thick, invasive, and destructive plant grows between 10cm and 20cm a day with roots deep in the ground, making it difficult to remove.

The plant will keep on growing throughout summer before dying back towards the end of autumn.

UK hotspots

Japanese knotweed, which was once contained in certain areas of the UK, has rapidly spread across all countries. According to the latest data the worst-hit areas are:

  • Bolton, Greater Manchester – 684 infestations
  • Bristol – 475 infestations
  • St Helens, Merseyside – 441 infestations
  • Blackburn, Lancashire – 407 infestations
  • Capel Garmon, Snowdonia, Wales – 398 infestations
  • Llanelli, South Wales – 389 infestations
  • Cardiff, Wales – 361 infestations
  • Rotherham, Yorkshire – 306 infestations
  • Streatham, South West London – 300 infestations
  • 4km radius in Nottingham – 225 infestations
  • Sheffield – 225 infestations

Eradicate with Eraginate®

While many gardeners grapple with Japanese knotweed, ATG Group can eradicate the invasive plant with our innovative Eraginate®  treatment process. This technique is more effective than other treatments which include:

  • Stem injection, which can take three years to successfully work
  • Dig & Dump, which is expensive and has an environmental impact through transportation
  • Dig & Bury that means some areas of a site are restricted

Our treatment includes soil screening, handpicking larger rhizomes and treating the soil to prevent further growth.

Download our Japanese Knotweed Identification sheet.

For more details about Eraginate®, contact us today for a free site survey.

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