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The Project

The Northern Spire Bridge stands as evidence of the astonishing revitalisation of Sunderland. With a budget of over £117 million, it is one of the largest civil engineering projects in recent history. As the construction progressed, Farrans Construction encountered unexpected contamination challenges that needed prompt resolution. Recognising our expertise in environmental solutions, Farrans contacted ATG Group to address the contamination issues found during the bridge’s initial construction phase.  

Through a collaborative effort, we developed a tailored solution that mitigated the impact of the contamination, ensuring the project’s continuation. Our commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable methods allowed the Northern Spire Bridge to continue the city’s vibrant rejuvenation. 

The Challenge

In preparation for the construction of the bridge’s deep foundations, the riverbed required extensive dredging. The initial plan involved removing the sediments from the river, transferring them to a constructed bund and transporting the material to a landfill. However, during the dredging process, it was found that the excavated material was more contaminated than initially anticipated. As a result, the Environment Agency considered the existing plans for managing the material unacceptable, meaning that the work had to be stopped.  

Faced with this stumbling block, Farrans contacted ATG Group to come up with a new method that would be approved by the Environment Agency and allow the project to start again. 

The Solution

We created a tailored plan to effectively manage the hazardous dredged material, meeting the expectations of the Environment Agency while ensuring cost-effectiveness for Farrans. 

Our solution entailed: 

  1. Stockpiling the dredged materials within a lined bund to reduce the water content and facilitate safe handling 
  1. Transporting the material to a hazardous waste treatment facility for thorough processing 
  1. Upon finishing the treatment process, we reused the treated materials for landfill capping, providing a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution 

By implementing our tailored plan, we not only met the requirements of the Environment Agency but also provided a cost-effective and efficient approach that ensured the successful continuation of the project while safeguarding the environment.  


Money Saved (£)

Tonnes of Material Diverted from Landfill

Tonnes of Material Diverted from Landfill

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