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The Project

The Comber Consortium, a group of housing developers, purchased land near Comber with the intention to construct 900 houses. A significant challenge arose to the south of the site. There had been an unlicensed landfill site used for waste disposal for several years. Recognising our expertise, we were contacted to create an innovative plan to reduce costs and environmental impact.  


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The Challenge

The presence of a landfill site posed a massive risk site to the nearby River Enler and to public safety. Traditional Dig and Dump methods would have incurred astronomical costs. These approaches were also dismissed due to the landfill’s proximity to the river and their implementation would have risked polluting the river during the material removal process. To address this pressing issue, we developed a comprehensive plan and submitted it for review and approval to the NIEA (Northern Ireland Environment Agency).  

The Solution

Our innovative solution involved the installation of a vertical impermeable liner 7 meters below the existing ground level. This liner was carefully designed to interface with a natural clay layer, to prevent any contamination from escaping the site and reaching the river. To further enhance the containment system, a second horizontal layer was placed on the top of the waste and welded to the vertical barrier, effectively encapsulating the landfill and isolating it from potential exposure to living organisms, such as people and animals. Additionally, a series of manhole inspection chambers were installed along the landfill’s perimeter, facilitating the pumping out of any existing contaminated water and enabling continuous monitoring of gas levels. This comprehensive approach ensured the effective containment of pollutants and the protection of the environment and people’s well-being. 

Project Director, Cameron Pollock, shares insights into the project's challenges and ATG Group's ability to implement an innovative solution that prioritises the environment and cost efficiency.

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