Eraginate® – Japanese Knotweed Treatment

Our innovative Eraginate® Japanese Knotweed treatment is a game-changing eradication process that has been developed and refined since 2014. Eraginate® is a superior alternative to traditional methods like Dig and Dump and Stem Injection. Moreover, it stands out not only for speed and swift eradication but also for cost-efficiency.   

The treatment process involves:  

  • Cutting down the Japanese Knotweed plant material 
  • Excavating the root network within the soil matrix 
  • Screening of material and handpicking of roots for proper disposal at a licensed facility 
  • Retention of picked material and vigilant monitoring to prevent any regrowth 
  • Supplementary picking and screening if necessary 

Once treatments are completed, the remaining soils can be reused as on-site backfill material or for landscaping purposes, when utilising a minimum 400 mm of clean cap cover. 

Conventional Japanese Knotweed treatments like Dig & Dump, Dig & Bury and Stem Injection have disadvantages: 

  • Dig & Dump: Expensive landfill disposal costs 
  • Dig & Bury: Restricted use is available on land as the JKW is still on-site 
  • Stem Injection: Treatments can take up to three years 

With Eraginate®, we eliminate all drawbacks and offer significant advantages:

  • Minimising the amount of material sent to landfill, resulting in reduced costs
  • Accelerating the eradication process, with most treatments completed in just a few weeks
  • Ensuring complete removal of Japanese Knotweed from the site eliminating any chance of regrowth
Treatment Capability Our Eraginate® treatment has demonstrated exceptional effectiveness against Japanese Knotweed infestations of any size. It truly shines in time-sensitive situations with pending development or looming deadlines requiring prompt action. As we have developed this process in-house, our skilled team has the expertise and skills to deliver the desired results. Check out our projects to see the transformative power of Eraginate® treatment or contact us today for a free site survey.
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