– Soil Stabilisation

Our revolutionary LockedIn® technology is a cutting-edge soil stabilisation technique that has been developed and refined since 2015. By leveraging the physio-chemical reaction between chemicals and soils, we can significantly reduce the mobility of contaminants present in the soil. This unique approach alters the soil’s physical composition, effectively locking in the contaminants and eliminating any potential pollution risks. 

With our LockedIn® process, you can reuse treated soils on-site, eliminating the need for expensive disposal or import of replacement materials. Our skilled team can seamlessly execute this process on-site, either in-situ or ex-situ, tailoring it to site requirements. 

Using the power of LockedIn®, our clients have witnessed significant savings in the millions of £s/€s, while transforming contaminated land into safe and reusable sites. 

The advantages of our LockedIn® technology are game-changing:

  • Substantial cost savings compared to alternative methods
  • Eliminate transportation costs associated with off-site disposal
  • Transform waste materials into valuable on-site resources to be reused on-site
  • Potential geotechnical improvements as part of the process
  • Rapid process, treated materials are often ready for reuse within 14 days
  • Adaptability to stabilise a wide range or mix of contaminants
  • Treatment tailored to specific site requirements using in-situ or ex-situ mixing methods

Treatment Capability 

Our innovative LockedIn® soil stabilisation method is a superior alternative to traditional methods like Dig and Dump. LockedIn® stands out for saving millions of £s/€s and tonnes of CO2 while helping customers to achieve their ESG commitments.  

Check out our projects to see the transformative power of LockedIn® treatment or contact us today for a tailored solution. 

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