Spill Solutions
Spill Containment
Preventing a spill from spreading is crucial to avoid pollution or contamination. We offer a comprehensive range of containment systems designed to stop liquids from entering drainage systems and surrounding areas. Our selection includes plastic and steel spill containment solutions, effectively containing leaks from damaged drums, IBCs and other liquid storage containers.
Removing oil from surfaces is vital to ensure environmental safety and to prevent pollution. We offer absorbents tailored to handle various substances, from general liquids to oil and chemical compounds. Our oil absorbents stand out for their exceptional effectiveness, being hydrophobic and water-repellent. They excel at absorbing oil while floating on water, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. Whether they are deployed on bunds, lakes, rivers, harbours or the sea, these absorbents will not sink, ensuring efficient oil removal from the surface.
Liquid Storage
Ensuring the correct storage of potentially dangerous liquids becomes your first line of defence against leaks or spills, safeguarding the environment and preventing any potential hazards. We offer effective bunded tanks, flexible bunding systems designed for existing tanks or drums, pop-up tanks, expander tanks, tri-bund storage tanks, fully bunded storage cabinets and more.
Spill Kits
Responding effectively and quickly to a spill is essential to prevent contamination and further damage. We offer a range of portable spill kits that provide effective containment and clean-up solutions for various spill situations. We supply various sizes and shapes tailored to your needs. They are organised by the litres of liquid/oil/chemicals they can effectively contain and absorb.
Drain Mats
Blocking spills from entering watercourses is fundamental to avoid their contamination. We offer drain covers, mats, seals, EnvirovalveĀ® systems and a drain tracing kit so you can identify and mark all drains on your site, distinguishing between stormwater and foul water drains. Our Drain Mats provide instant security during spills of oils, chemicals, or any other hazardous liquids. With their swift action, they prevent these substances from entering watercourses through on-site drainage systems.

We supply Darcy Spill Care products throughout Northern Ireland, check out the full range on their website.

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