Our Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Partnerships, VentEko, Tomlin

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions Available across More Regions


We are committed to making innovative and sustainable solutions available to more regions and people. This is the reason why we have formed strategic partnerships in Central Europe.





We have a strategic partnership with VentEko, a leading environmental and engineering services company in Latvia. With more than 2,000 successfully implemented projects in environmental remediation, revitalisation, and environmental consultancy, they have made a huge impact on protecting nature.

There is no bigger proof of their commitment to safeguarding the environment than recovering over 4,000,000 litres of oils that were previously polluting soils and water. By teaming up with a partner so strongly involved in guarding the natural environment, we are ready to start a new journey towards innovation in the Baltic States!




In Central Europe, Tomlin is our trusted strategic partner. We have combined forces together to make our environmentally friendly solutions available in this region.

Tomlin is a Hungarian-based project management and engineering consulting company that has worked on projects with a total value of more than 600 million euros. By having such a successful and client-oriented company on our side, we are ready to start a new journey towards innovation in Central Europe.


These partnerships are a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions across Europe. We are all set to harness new perspectives and combine our cutting-edge technologies to offer the best services to our clients.

By combining our expertise, technologies, and resources, we are ready to deliver top-notch services and to drive positive change in the environmental and construction industries.

Together, we are committed to leading sustainable developments and protecting the environment whilst supporting our clients to fulfil their ESG commitments!


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