The people in our business: Mark McKinney

Without the people in our business, ATG Group would not be the success it is today. We care about our clients and the reason they receive a quality service is thanks to our people.

Whether our clients need land remediation services, help with invasive plant species, spill solutions or water contamination, our dedication is the same. That’s because our people care and are enthusiastic about their own specialism.

It’s true that they really get excited about removing contamination from land and water or thrilled when they remove invasive plants! While these issues may be a pain for our clients, they are problems we love to solve. Yes, maybe we do need to get out more – but that’s tricky at the moment!

We thought we’d introduce the people behind our business, so you know what makes them tick – apart from giving our clients a great service, of course. Look out for our regular feature over the coming months. First, it’s the man who started it all, Dr Mark McKinney.

Introducing Dr Mark McKinney

What’s your job with ATG Group?

I’m Managing Director I guess that means if there are dishes to be washed I can do that or if I’m needed at a challenging technical meeting then I’m there but mostly it is supporting my amazing staff to replace me in every area of the business.

What do you do for ATG Group?

As Managing Director, I’m responsible for looking after the running of the business. I’ve got a great team around me who look after our headquarters here in Northern Ireland as well as our businesses in Ireland, Scotland and England.

When did you start working with ATG Group?

Well, from the very start because I founded the business. It started in 2006 as an environmental consultancy from my garage as a small family company. It has grown over the years and we now have 31 staff and a turnover approaching £10 million.

What did you do before you set up the business?

I’ve got 25 years of experience in the remediation industry. I have worked on large site investigation and remediation projects in the UK, Ireland and internationally. I’ve worked on sites in Egypt, Kenya and China. I was Managing Director of a company called Alpha Environmental Systems Ltd before I launched ATG Group.

What do you love about your job?

Every day brings new projects which throw up different challenges. I love problem solving and innovation. Over the past few years we have spent more than £1.5 million on R&D and developed new technologies and systems.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have a packed diary as I’m also one of the trustees at a charity (Ashes to Gold) and I work with a number of professional organisations. But when I get some downtime, I love to play golf. I also love fishing and I led my school fishing team to scoop 2 Ulster Schools Championships! I’m also fond of going for a walk along the beach with our family dogs.

What’s your favourite meal?

I must say I am very partial to monkfish and one of our local restaurants in Portrush serves a delicious monkfish thermidor.

What are your plans for the future?

To be a dream enabler supporting and helping people to fulfill their dreams as well as seeing the ATG Dream growing into all it can be.

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