We Are Working at the Rosslare Europort

The Office of Public Works is building a new Border Control Post, Terminal 7, to provide the necessary infrastructure at Rosslare Europort to conform with Customs, sanitary, phytosanitary (SPS) and official food controls that are required as a consequence of Brexit.


The Works

During site inspections, a significant Japanese Knotweed infestation was discovered at the site. The proposed development, extension and upgrade works could not progress because of the Japanese Knotweed that needed to be eradicated.



The area impacted by the Japanese Knotweed was approximately 10,330m3.

Due to the scale of earthworks and the requirement to reduce site levels retention of the material on-site was not possible. ATG Group proposed the discreet excavation of the JKW impacted materials and disposal off-site at a licensed waste facility. Our trained staff carried out excavations in order to minimise the generation of excess waste materials.

We completed all the work within the programmed time allowing the construction to continue unobstructed. We removed a total of 6,054 tonnes of soils containing JKW from the site which was a reduction of 9,441 tonnes on initial estimates.


The Savings

By employing ATG Group’s solutions our experienced team managed to significantly reduce costs and create environmental benefits for the client.

  1. We saved €1 million for the client.
  2. We diverted 9,441 tonnes of material from landfills.
  3. This volume represents 350 truck loads of 200km each way saved.



‘At ATG Group, we were delighted to work alongside John Paul Construction again and to deliver another successful job for all stakeholders. The works were completed efficiently and safely whilst not disrupting other essential site activities.’

Ciaran O’Neill – Environmental Director

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