Providing Remediation and Earthworks to Major Redevelopment in Edinburgh

We have started works on phase 3 of the Pennywell Urban Regeneration project in Edinburgh. Robertson Group engaged us to perform earthworks, remediation and soil modification in preparation for the development of over 270 units. These units will provide affordable housing for rent and for sale, and transform this area of North Edinburgh.

Robertson Group will build 719 homes over a 9-year period on behalf of Edinburgh City Council. This makes Pennywell one of the largest housing regeneration projects in Scotland.

Aerial overview of the 2nd site at Pennywell, Edinburgh

The site currently contains historic land contamination to include heavy metals and asbestos. We are delivering earthworks, remediation and soil modification in one package. This will include:

  • Identifying and removing all asbestos-contaminated soils on site
  • Chemical and physical stabilisation on soils contaminated with heavy metals, to prevent the spread of any pollutants
  • Undertaking earthworks to prepare the site for construction by excavating soils to the required levels
  • Performing soil modification on the excavated soils so they can be re-used by Robertson Group in the construction of roads and house plots

Photo of earthworks and remediation being performed on site in Pennywell, Edinburgh

Our involvement will take around 3-4 months and the completion date for this project is December 2023. For more information on our remediation capabilities have a look at our Brownfield Sites page.


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