Dredge Materials Clean-Up

Waterways often need to be dredged to increase depth and expand berthing capabilities for larger vessels. The dredge material collected during this process can be contaminated due to years of commercial use. We offer on-site treatment and stabilisation of the dredge material, with the goal of minimising or even eliminating disposal costs and promoting sustainable practices.  

When faced with contaminated dredged material that requires treatment, we employ our innovative LockedIn® technology, which has proven effective in achieving the required remedial criteria. This approach has consistently allowed us to save our customers money by diverting waste away from landfills. 

A crucial aspect of the process is the classification of the material. We excel in implementing site-specific waste management plans that ensure efficient handling and treatment of different waste types. Whenever possible, we seek to reclassify waste by creating an engineered fill suitable for reuse within diverse development projects. 

Our commitment to providing efficient solutions for contaminated dredge materials remains unwavering and we look forward to delivering exceptional results for your project. 

Person in Charge
Bernard Mullan
Northern Ireland
and Ireland
Duncan Sanders
S-P O'Mahony
Central and
Eastern Europe
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