Oil and Chemical Spill Clean-Up 

Oil spills or leaks cause major worries, disruption and potential harm to health, property and the environment if not promptly addressed. We take immediate action to prevent oil damage. You can call us 24/7 in the UK and Ireland if you have an emergency.  

At ATG Group, we have more than 15 years of experience dealing with oil and chemical spills across different environments, ranging from household oil tank leaks to decommissioned industrial facilities.  

We can prevent waterways and properties from being contaminated by oil or chemical spills, whether they are diesel, kerosene, or another fuel or chemical that can cause issues. 

At ATG Group, we deploy different emergency spill responses to address the specific needs of each incident. Our experts can apply oil-absorbent materials to the affected areas and install interception trenches to prevent further migration off-site or toward sensitive receptors. If the spill has impacted the air quality inside buildings, vapour extraction units are used inside buildings to improve ambient air quality. 

Spills on concrete or tarmac are not harmless. Absorption of oils and chemicals can break down the bonds that keep materials stable. Over time, cracks can develop, leading to permanent deterioration.   

If the oil or chemical finds its way into surface water drains or rivers, this can have dangerous consequences and result in potential fines from the Environment Agency. It can also contaminate water supplies and pose risks to aquatic life.   

When spills occur on the ground, they can penetrate the soil and even seep into groundwater, making it essential to carry out containment measures before significant damage occurs.  

With our 24-hour emergency helpline in the UK and Ireland and a team experienced in modern and effective remediation techniques, we take swift action. As specialists, we offer an end-to-end solution, starting from initial response and testing to on-site clean-up and preparation for redecoration.  

Rest assured that our expertise and dedication will address the situation promptly and effectively.  

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Eddie Mack
Northern Ireland,
Ireland and England
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