Insurance Sector

In the insurance sector, dealing with oil and chemical spills promptly and effectively is crucial to mitigate potential risks and to ensure the smooth resolution of claims. We specialise in providing innovative solutions that allow us to offer the best and most cost-effective remedial strategy designed specifically for the insurance sector.  

We work with major insurers, claims management companies, loss adjusters and loss assessors throughout the UK and Ireland. We know the importance of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and we go the extra mile to keep our customers happy.  

We give support throughout the entire process, from initial assessment to containment and remediation. Our Project Managers are among the best in the industry with their proactive approach and provide excellent communication. They liaise closely with insurers and other stakeholders to simplify the process and minimise costs.  

With our rapid response and efficient handling of spills, we help insurance companies navigate complex situations with confidence because customer satisfaction is the fuel that drives our business. 

Land Remediation
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