Spill Response
Project Facts
  • Spill Response

The Challenge

A farmer working late at night lost control of his tractor while travelling down a country lane. The tractor’s trailer, loaded with silage, overturned and ended up on a domestic property. During the overturn, the trailer clipped and punctured a 1200L oil tank that had recently been refilled. This accident resulted in the spillage of 1200L of kerosene into the property’s garden and roadway causing a significant spill incident. 

The homeowner had a business that required them to work from home, posing a challenge to perform emergency works for containing the oil spills and to restore the property without disrupting their operations. 

The Solution

We quickly arrived at the property within 2 hours of being notified and immediately began emergency containment works. We ensured the homeowner could continue working while we addressed the issue. We excavated trenches to prevent further spread and used oil absorbents in areas with high contamination. Once the containment works were successfully completed, we conducted site investigations to find out the full extent of the contamination, revealing approximately 150m2 of the property had been affected. 

Our treatment plan included the following steps: 

  • Deconstruction, excavation and proper disposal of heavily affected materials 
  • Installation of a pump and treat system to redirect any remaining contamination to a recovery well for efficient collection and removal 
  • Use of biological cultures and nutrient injections to break down any residual contaminants bound to the soil 
  • Full reinstatement of the property to its original specifications 
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