Land Remediation
Project Facts
The Project

In partnership with VentEko, a leading environmental engineering company in Latvia, ATG Group successfully delivered an innovative groundwater remediation solution. This cutting-edge approach eliminated the need to transport 52,000 tonnes of soil to a landfill during the construction of a store in Latvia.  

By implementing this sustainable solution, we were able to support the construction of a new flagship Lidl store while minimising environmental impact. 

The Challenge

We faced a significant challenge with 28,900 cubic meters of soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons. The limited availability of contaminated waste landfill sites made traditional disposal methods expensive and impractical. Moreover, the presence of groundwater contamination intensified the urgency to prevent further pollution from reaching the Sarkandaugava Channel, requiring urgent action to mitigate its impact and protect the surrounding environment. 

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, we set up an innovative solution tailored to the circumstances. Our team installed two permeable filtering walls, each reaching a depth of 8.5 meters. The complete length of the barrier was 180 meters of which the Permeable Reactive Barrier comprises 52 meters in the middle. These walls act as powerful barriers to prevent the migration of dissolved metals and hydrocarbons while allowing for on-site soil treatment and minimising costly transportation. Using our cutting-edge LockedIn® process, we neutralise the soil contamination utilising specialised reagents, to prevent further spread of the pollutants to the Sarkandaugava Channel. This innovative remediation strategy not only safeguards the environment but also ensures that the soil can be treated in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, providing a viable path forward for construction projects in the area. 

Tonnes of Material Diverted from Landfill

Tonnes of Material Diverted from Landfill


CO2 Kg Emissions Saved

Lorry km saved

Lorry Km Saved

“ATG Group’s solution was very interesting to us as a business because it will minimise the environmental impact. There is less material going to landfill and it also significantly reduced the number of vehicles during the construction period which will have a positive impact on the local community.   Due to the excellent experience that we had with the ATG Group and the collaborative working relationship that we built with them, we will definitely be discussing any future plans that we have on our sites with them.” 
Morwen Mands
Heads of Sustainability, Highland Spring Group
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