Land Remediation
The Project

Glasgow City Council’s White Cart Water Flood Prevention Scheme successfully entered its third and final phase. This phase focused on the construction of embankments to expand the floodplain. This development enhances the drainage capacity within the Camlachie Burn catchment, reducing the risk of flooding. Moreover, it opened the way for the revitalisation of vacant and derelict sites in the area, driving sustainable regeneration. 

As a result of the prior phases of the project, there were 9,000 tonnes of contaminated land left behind. Acknowledging our expertise, we were contacted to find a solution to minimise the environmental impact.  

The Challenge

During a project commissioned by Glasgow City Council before ATG Group’s presence, a new 185m channel was created, leaving behind approximately 9,000 tonnes of contaminated soil. This soil contained hazards such as heavy metals, asbestos and oil, making traditional disposal methods costly and requiring multiple 100 km journeys to Avondale Landfill.  

As Environmental Consultants, our mission was to find a solution that would minimise costs and reduce transportation. 

The Solution

We implemented our innovative LockedIn® process, which allowed us to treat the contaminated soil on-site. We built a specially designed facility on-site where we treat the excavated material and transform it into a reusable and inert material. By employing our expertise and innovative methods, we ensured that the contamination was contained, preventing any leaching, while achieving cost savings and environmental protection.  


Money Saved (£)

Tonnes of Material Diverted from Landfill

Tonnes of Material Diverted from Landfill

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