Spill Response
Project Facts
  • Spill Response

The Challenge

A concerned homeowner contacted us regarding a potential oil spill from a neighbouring property’s heating system. They had detected a strong smell of oil coming from the sewer network. Our thorough site investigation revealed hydrocarbon contamination along the shared boundary with the source property, beneath the shared boundary wall and along the boundary with a neighbour situated downhill from our client’s property. 

The Solution

Upon arriving at the site, our team swiftly took action to contain and mitigate the damage. After investigation, we discovered that the contamination extended to a depth of 2 meters. We installed interception trenches perpendicular to the flow to minimise the risk to the main dwelling and prevent migration to neighbouring properties. Additionally, we utilised recovery wells to extract contaminated groundwater and free product, further mitigating the spread. 

To facilitate seamless access and optimise efficiency, a portion of the boundary wall was temporarily removed due to the narrow driveway of the property. This decision facilitated safe movement and proved instrumental in saving time, reducing labour requirements and minimising plant and equipment costs. 

The remedial works involved the removal of over 600 tonnes of contaminated material from the site. This was followed by an in-situ remedial programme with 6 chemical treatments to break down residual contamination.   

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