Soil Mixed Columns: Our Innovative Ground Stabilisation Method

Soil mixed columns are ATG Group’s solution to ensuring poor ground conditions are made suitable to build on without removing soil or importing expensive and unsustainable aggregates to site.

The deep soil mixing process is used to form solid columns within the ground. They are like concrete piles, but utilise the existing soils, which are mixed with our proprietary LockedIn® binders (LB).

These binders are introduced to the soil through a mechanical auger in either a dry binder or wet slurry method.


How Do They Work?

  • Using a Continuous flight auger (CFA) rig we will drill down in specific locations to a specified depth which will have been agreed during the design stage.
  • We then mix the soils with our LB which are pumped from the mixing plant to the CFA mixing head.
  • The LB will be continually delivered to the CFA mixing head as it is retracted at a steady and measured flow rate.
  • This process will be constant until the CFA is fully removed from its location.
  • This method will be repeated throughout the project until all locations have been fully mixed.


Why Should You Use Soil Mixed Columns?


  • Quieter and no vibration: There is a reduction in the potential impact of nearby utilities and any existing buildings in the vicinity. This is because the punching effect of inclusions beneath a slab is mitigated.
  • Better for the environment: Because you use readily available material onsite, there is no need to import aggregate. This not only reduces physical vehicle movements but also reduces the cost of transportation.
  • Direct installation: Plate and footings can be directly installed on Soil Mix Columns.
  • A variety of installations: The columns can be used for foundations of abutments and in groups as halls as well as linear for shoring. They offer a real solution to forming columns close to existing buildings.
  • Bearing capacities: Soil mixed columns offer a high bearing capacity in non-cohesive soil.
  • Better bearing capacity: Soil mixed columns increase the bearing capacity of weak soils, even for high loads.
  • There is almost no spoil: This means there is a reduction in the need to export material and its cost on the environment as well as the budget.
  • No problems with weather: The process of soil mixed columns means their installation is not affected by the weather.
  • Economically sound: The columns replace more expensive, traditional deep foundation methods. With the reduction in construction time, import and export charges and the need to acquire aggregate, soil mixed columns are good for your budget as well as the environment.


Want to Know More?

If you think soil mixed columns could work for any of your projects, contact us today to arrange a no obligation chat.



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