Streamlining Execution for the New A6 – Dungiven to Drumahoe Dual Carriageway

The Department for Infrastructure Northern Ireland faced a big problem that could have caused delays in starting the work for the A6 – Dungiven to Drumahoe Dual Carriageway. We are talking about one of the most ruinous public enemies: Japanese Knotweed.

With extensive expertise in invasive plant eradication, ATG Group was asked to provide a quick and cost-efficient solution for removing the Japanese Knotweed and all the other invasive plants from the site.


The Challenge

An area of over 10,000 m2 contaminated with invasive plants of which 9,542m2 was contaminated with Japanese Knotweed. This means a volume of around 18,000 tonnes of contaminated soil.



Our surveys showed the presence of Invasive Alien Plant Species (IAPS): Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam and Salmonberry. Removing these species posed a significant challenge, needing specialised and tailored strategies.


The Solution

The initial plan was to excavate the soil and send it to a landfill. By employing ATG Group’s innovative solution, we minimised the need for disposal and saved a staggering £620,000/€720,000 for our client.

We developed a tailored plan which implied using our innovative solution, Eraginate®. We excavated the rhizomes embedded within the soil matrix from infested areas. Afterwards, we transported the contaminated soil to a central treatment centre. This approach allowed us to target the root systems of the invasive plants. Furthermore, we conducted a screening process, hand-picking the larger rhizomes. We disposed of these plant materials and rhizomes at a licensed facility.

We treated any remaining rhizome with approved herbicides, ensuring targeted eradication of all the residual invasive plant elements. Furthermore, we installed a root barrier membrane along site boundaries to stop reinfestation from off-site and contribute to the long-term eradication process. The remaining decontaminated soil was reused on-site.



This eco-friendly approach reduced the volume of material sent to landfills, following our commitment to sustainable practices.


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