Successfully Completed 132 Land Remediation Projects in 2023

Land Remediation Projects


We want to congratulate our team for completing 132 land remediation projects in 2023.

There is no bigger commitment to sustainability than using our innovative technologies in the work we do to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions, ultimately protecting the environment. Being involved in these projects highlights our dedication to making a positive impact in both our partners’ and clients’ activities and our shareholders’ and communities’ lives.



At ATG Group, our mission has been front of mind since 2006: ‘To be a leader in environmental technologies and innovation, connecting creativity and expertise to craft a better, more sustainable world.’ This means we are always providing tailored solutions using cutting-edge and cost-effective methods to deal with environmental issues and waste management and each of our projects is a step forward to fulfil our mission.

Our team was working on projects involving brownfield site restoration and stabilisation and site waste management to oil and chemical spill clean-up and the recently introduced service: soil mixed columns.

With our team on your site, you can rest assured that the work is done on time. Each of our team members is well-trained and has vast experience and a deep understanding of environmental regulations and best practices.

At ATG Group, we remain committed to offering sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs!



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