Works for the NI Water

The NI Water Headquarters site in Belfast had a significant Japanese Knotweed (JKW) infestation.

The client wanted to expand upon the water treatment infrastructure at the site and therefore the JKW needed to be eradicated to begin the infrastructure works.



Our Works

The Headquarters site is approx. 57,000m2 and we carried out a complete site survey. We identified six areas on-site with mature JKW and noted additional growth at the site boundary from an off-site source.

The rapid spread and robust root system of this invasive plant posed a serious threat to both the project’s infrastructure and the surrounding ecosystem. Prior to proceeding with any other works, we successfully eliminated the invasive plant to proceed safely and effectively with the project.



We employed our innovative Eraginate® method to eradicate Japanese Knotweed on this site.

Once we identified the invasive plant, we removed the vegetation surrounding JKW by hand or riddle bucket to expose growth for eradication without disruption. We disposed of excavated JKW stalk material off-site. We removed the JKW from the soil and were able to retain the soil on-site once we completed the Eraginate® process. Our team installed a geotextile root barrier membrane along the site boundary to prevent JKW encroachment from neighbouring areas.

To protect the environment and to prevent the spread of JKW during transportation, we established designated haul routes and implemented stringent bio-security protocols for personnel and equipment.


The Savings

Through the implementation of our innovative Eraginate® Treatment Process and a stem injection process, we were able to:

  • Save our client approximately £210,000/€243,000 as they did not have to dispose of this material to a landfill.
  • Divert 5,800 tonnes of material from landfill.
  • Save 5,638 Kg of CO2
  • Undertake 3,857 miles/6,207 km with lorries.


As the project manager of the project, I was delighted with how it was carried out. The team worked very closely with our client to ensure that all parties involved were on the same page and that the work was completed as quickly, effectively, and safely as possible. The site team managed to complete the works ahead of schedule, allowing other works in the areas to commence sooner. (Stephen Donnelly – Project Manager)

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