£2,600,000 Cost Savings and 774,808 Less Tonnes of CO2 Emissions

A Project to Help the Community and Support the Marine Industry



By employing our cost-efficient and innovative solutions, we saved £2,600,000 for the client. Moreover, our sustainable methods helped us to reduce CO2 emissions by 774,808 tonnes and saved 47,000 tonnes of soil from being sent to landfills.


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We could not be more delighted to have been involved in a project that aligns with our values and is designed to help the community.

This is a project not only to support the Killybegs fishing industry and the ongoing development of the wider marine sector, but also to encourage the social and economic development of rural communities along the Atlantic Ocean coast of Ireland. This will facilitate commercial relationships in the EU by allowing more vessels to operate within the area.

This impressive project focused on expanding the existing quay at Smooth Point, with 120 meters of additional docking space for 8-10 large fishing vessels. The quay is also designed to accommodate cruise ships, thereby boosting local tourism.

We successfully completed a joint venture with ABCO Marine to provide a multimillion-euro upgrade of Killybegs Harbour commissioned by the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine (DAFM).

We have substantial experience in dealing with environmental dredge and in collaboration with ABCO Marine, we provided a design that is a safe and environmentally sustainable solution.

The joint venture demonstrated the power of collaboration when there is a shared commitment to delivering remarkable projects that create lasting value for both the community and the environment.




Works to Dredge the Silts to Expand the Quay


The project aimed to dredge the silts surrounding the quay to increase the depth of the harbour. Killybegs has a long history as a commercial fishing port and, over the years, these silts accumulated significant contamination.

Using our expertise, we implemented a custom-made and environmentally sustainable solution to address the dredged material and its contamination.

We employed an on-site treatment facility and utilised our innovative LockedIn® method to treat the dredged material efficiently. This process locked the contamination within the material, preventing any further pollution.

Following our commitment to protect the environment and to reduce CO2 emissions, we eliminated the need for disposal and the stabilised material was repurposed. After completing and certifying the treatments, the soil was used for capping at a local quarry.





Through collaborative efforts with ABCO Marine, we successfully achieved the following objectives:

  • Enhanced navigability in the Killybegs Harbour by increasing its depth;
  • Treated the contaminated dredged material on-site and diverted it from the landfill to minimise the environmental impact;
  • The new quay will improve the harbour’s capabilities leading to more trade activities.


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