Celebrating Easter with the Local Community

We hope that Easter and these sunny days brought peace and happiness in your life. Easter is a time of joy, hope and renewal. It signifies new beginnings and the revival of nature.

The Easter weekend is the perfect time to gather with your close ones and we could not have missed the occasion to celebrate together with the community. It was great to have so many kind people around us and to celebrate together the Resurrection of Jesus and the arrival of spring.

Ashes to Gold, our charity, organised some traditional Easter activities at Moorbrook. The charity’s café bistro was fully booked for our Easter Sunday special. The team hosted a lunch on Sunday and many games for the little ones.



The atmosphere was joyful, and people took the opportunity to greet each other and have a chat while eating some delicacies and watching their children having fun. The sun came out, and we were also enchanted by the visit of the Easter Bunny. Age does not matter as we all love the Bunny, and we will let the pictures speak for themselves.



There were activities during the whole weekend. On Friday, kids eagerly participated in the scavenger hunt. They searched for eggs and other treats around the beautiful lakes which we might have strategically placed in some hidden spots to let them enjoy the sunshine and keep them busy for a bit.

We can truly say that everybody made a day of it, and we are thankful for all the help and support which made these events possible.

P.S. Keep this secret! The team at the café is hard at work with plans for lots of exciting activities over the coming month!

Wishing you all the best! To the next time!

ATG Group and Ashes to Gold teams


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