New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

In 2024 we are committed to continuing our journey towards sustainability and innovation. We start the year with optimism and new ambitions. At ATG Group, we are eager to discover new opportunities and to provide the best solution for you!

We would like to wish an amazing and successful 2024 to all our employees, partners and clients.



Have a look at our objectives for this year and discover why they are so important to us.


1. Become B Corp Certified

Following our mission: ″With a big heart for communities, we restore land that is otherwise lost″, we want to continuously improve our impact on employees, community, customers, suppliers and the environment.

Being certified as a B Corporation is a recognition that our efforts meet high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency. We are focused on building trust with customers, communities, and suppliers and retaining employees. These are a testament that we offer a good working environment and eco-friendly solutions, and we are committed to following ethical standards.



Along with our commitment to developing a sustainable business, we foster community sustainability. We founded Ashes to Gold with a vision to ‘rebuild, restore, and transform lives’ and we donate 10% of ATG Group’s to charity.


2. Measure Our Carbon Emissions and Achieve Net Zero

In a world where pollution has become a big problem that is affecting us all as well as our natural ecosystem, we are committed to reducing our carbon impact to net zero and to offering environmentally-friendly solutions.

This year we will start to carefully measure our water and energy consumption in both our offices and on sites. This is a step forward to our plan to achieve net zero status. In the last 5 years, we have already diverted millions of tonnes of CO2 and hundreds of thousands of tonnes of soil from landfills each year due to our environmental initiatives including recycling and the use of our innovative planet-friendly technologies (LockedIn® and Eraginate®).


3. Inaugurate Our Soil Treatment Centre

Our objective is to divert as much soil as possible from landfills and treat contaminated soil so it can be reused. We aim to minimise landfill costs and maximise material reuse wherever feasible.

We have invested almost £2,000,000 in R&D in the last 5 years to ensure we are always at the forefront of sustainable solutions.



We already have expertise in developing customised site waste management plans, accurately classifying waste and implementing appropriate treatment methods. This means that having our own treatment facility is a natural step forward.

The new ATG Group soil treatment centre to be located in Ballymena demonstrates our commitment to protecting the environment. By treating the soil, we remove dangerous contaminants which enables us to protect nature and people. Once we decontaminate the soil, it transforms into a reusable and inert material which contributes to a cleaner environment and to the circular economy. This soil treatment centre is the first of its kind in Ireland to offer invasive plant species Eraginate® treatment.

This innovative facility not only safeguards the environment but also ensures that the soil can be treated sustainably and cost-effectively.


4. Start Our First Project in Central Europe

We are delighted to see the economic growth in the central and eastern parts of the continent. Central and Eastern Europe are expanding a lot, meaning more and more land is repurposed and we can make this possible in a sustainable way.



We have experience in the Baltic countries and our solutions were appreciated there. We have trust that we can help businesses and local authorities by making available to them our cost-effective and innovative solutions, that make land that was otherwise unviable viable.

Romania has great potential for us, and our team anticipates our first project there soon. We support our colleagues, and we are eagerly awaiting to enable businesses there to reduce their projects’ costs by implementing our innovative technologies and solutions for land and water contamination remediation. Moreover, our team discussed with local authorities and our solution enables them to decontaminate old, polluted land cost-efficiently.


5. Enhance Efficiency Through the Use of AI and Digitalisation of Processes and Procedures

In this fast-paced world, digitalisation and using the latest technologies are essential so as to be at the forefront of our industry. For us, it is essential to digitalise our process and procedures in order to be efficient, to help our employees, to offer innovative solutions and to increase our productivity.

In the past years, AI had unprecedented advancements that can offer benefits for businesses by enabling smarter insights, improved automation, better solutions and the premises for futuristic solutions.

We want to use AI’s capabilities to offer the best custom-made solution not only based on our experience but also on all the research that is available online. By analysing past and real-time data, AI can predict trends, anticipate challenges, and address possible concerns before they even exist. These will help us meet our objectives by increasing productivity and therefore reducing costs for our clients.


In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and CSR, we want to pursue our commitment to sustainable, cost-efficient and groundbreaking solutions in 2024. Let’s make the world greener together!



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