Helping Clients Remediate Contaminated Water

Helping Clients Remediate Contaminated Water


In 2023 our team delivered innovative solutions to address water contamination.

We have over 17 years of experience in dredge material clean-up, waterway pollution removal and ground-water clean-up. We aim to protect the environment, the marine ecosystem and human health.

We have a commitment to protect the environment and to reduce CO2 emissions and these are the reasons we are always looking for developing sustainable solutions when it comes to contaminated water remediation.



Our Innovative Technology

We can employ our innovative technology, LockedIn, to save money for our clients when they are faced with material that requires decontamination treatment. This is not only a cost-effective method, but it is also sustainable by allowing us to divert the contaminated material away from landfills.


Our Experience with Port Authorities

We have a wealth of experience working with port authorities. Ports want to become more competitive, and they often need to expand their berthing capabilities to accommodate larger vessels. The waterways must be dredged for this, but often the material collected is contaminated due to decades of commercial use.

We offer on-site treatment and stabilisation of the dredge material, to minimise, or even eliminate, disposal costs and promote sustainable practices.

One of our notable projects last year was the decontamination of a nature reservation beach polluted from an old Soviet oil storage. We proposed a custom-made and environmentally friendly plan to address the contamination. By using our innovative and effective remediation methods, we eliminated the oil from the contaminated area and prevented further contamination.

This project not only protected the marine ecosystem by eliminating pollution but also led people to enjoy an amazing beach.



We Have a Tailored Solution for You

Whatever your problem is, we are committed to providing you with cost-effective, sustainable and innovative solutions tailored to your needs.



Have a look at our Contaminated Water Remediation services and find the best solution for you!


Contact us for more details! Together, we can safeguard the marine life!


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